Spring is tall and mix build the queen change

The shrug, Europe and America is one of the common elements wind. Exaggerated shoulder pads, the main design into this design can let the upper part of the outline to restore ancient ways slim clear. Collocation of snow to wave point, it is bitter fleabane bitter fleabane skirt and a cowboy’s hale, the more and shrugged design supplement each other, luxuriant and do not break sexy.

Bright yellow knitting collocation gray short skirt, youth beautiful beautiful, recreational taste is very strong. Shopping movement are appropriate dress up. The same color knitting suit always gives people a feeling too, popular this year this kind of collocation is very attractive.

Soft cowboy small coat, spring the necessary sheet is tasted. Every year of this season is always cowboy small coat big hot season, no matter what style, sexy or sweet always the most popular girl’s welcome.

South Korea and Europe and the United States is famous for its comperessed towel, urbane, with a straightforward as beautiful. For example, do not side whipstitch old, cracks hollow out all the design of the wind is Europe and the wide mad love elements.

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