Spring dress deck cheerful spring time

Layer upon layer of bud silk dress the

Clear low-key but very clean green lake, enchasing above sweet bud silk, like the sea on the waves, and aroused layers of a green lake like the layers of ripples. Very rich angry vigor of the brick pink.

Bud silk chiffon dress design and color

V led the design, show women of the thin neck, connection white porcelain under the V watches with the buttons of primitive simplicity elegant chiffon package, as if wear kimonos lady first appeared in South Korea ran the line of sight of people.

Chiffon dress the waist to restore ancient ways

Exotic color, snowflake, national totem and little color mix together, make the romantic visual effect. Pure light snow spins in warm wind blowing, the spring in such as the general elegant daughter.

Big feeling stripe dress spins

The upper part of the vertical stripes, the clipping of in the waist clever used the waist and horizontal stripes reasonable to treat as the same color belt, hem small plait, make a young girl as sweet romantic spring recreational feeling.

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