“Apple” type figure summer show thin the collocation

Short jacket and pants with the slender legs, pencil diverting attention
Part1 bubble short sleeve, irregular show thin arms round neckline is very lovely.
Part2 pencil pants let leg ministry become more fine, must choose tight black pencil pants.
Part3 waterproof platform of high-heeled shoes, the colour of the body and legs cohesion, long-legged seems longer.

Zebra grain long T and tight pants, stripe will lie
Part1 zebra grain is walk at the forefront of fashion, strong visual impact can make people ignore the shortage of the figure.
Part2 and short skirt positive displacement pump mix build let the fashion breath more strong.
Part3 tie-in black tight pants and lower clothing at the same time show thin perfect coordination.

Dew shoulder of the paragraph 5 minutes of sleeve short unlined upper garment and lantern type shorts, let a figure more forceful
Part1 dew shoulder of the paragraph short unlined upper garment, make broad shoulders have certain contraction, loose style of the waist more concealed the fat.
In the bitter fleabane bitter fleabane part2 tent up let bottom hem shorts, a change to the thigh to broaden the seat, leg ministry line inadvertently smaller.
Part3 black boy (xiao gao, collocation with black diamond chain bag, make beauties the temperament.

Weskit and grow shirts, very practical thin body is tie-in
Part1 grows stripe shirts not only simple, and can and any dress collocation. Very neutral dress up.
Part2 ma3 jia3 is the best decoration waist modelling, brunet on a T-shirt rich administrative levels.
Part3 high-heeled shoes increase height, match a handsome feeling.

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