Women in almirah necessary five kinds of style dress

Chiffon dress. Small printing condole belt

Gentle snow spins the bust, elastic fabric design, let you wear more than comfortable not afraid run worry; Sunshine southeast Asia amorous feelings of printing design, and a full woman flavour and free and easy style, as if a holiday resort, the whole people at an elegant up! If a top jazz again a little pillbox hat, star of the instant results present! Big hot nanyang wind printing skirt, you can 10 million can not miss!

Folds out their bitter fleabane bitter fleabane small formal attire

Sweet dark grey ruffle small formal attire, chest grasp discount package design, beautiful bosom curve chest is effect; Lovely of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane lantern type skirt, effectively modified XiaoDu pork meat meat, any kind of shape of the girls can easily master. With a light ripe flavors of small foreign outfit, tall waist clipping can spin the scale of the body, let the petite you look more slender more gentle and graceful. At first glance, I can feel the sweet and moving elegant aesthetic feeling!

Pink is a word to bring high waist small foreign outfit

Pink is tender pink super cute a word brought small foreign outfit, show smooth white small sweet shoulder, very attractive. The princess of the random hubble-bubble sleeve and tall waist breast enhancement version to, can decorate the figure scale more than add more melting temperament. As long as a little is tie-in a apricot woven waist is sealed have very grab an eye. If is tie-in short hot pants or narrow tube pencil, with the hot pants, the taste of handsome. So change style will allow you to easily become the focus of the limelight!

Black and white dress big bow dating

Sweet sexy and dating both the one-piece dress, vintage black and white color with V-neck bow design makes the chest look more full MM more UP UP! Streamlined babydoll waist cut, tall in the visual look good good slim. Soft cotton fabrics to improve the overall texture, displaying extraordinary soft breath. Whether such a nice dress to attend the banquet or an appointment with her boyfriend, are very suitable, in spring and summer of losing a single product can not resist it!

Pop style black and white mixed colors butterfly sleeve width T

Simple and neat color stitching, like a fashion show boutique atmosphere, colorful diagonal stripes design, very modern fashion sense; liberal bias cut neckline, the performance of a woman’s bare shoulder lines of the temptation, with a gorgeous butterfly sleeves superior body , pass out apple accessories more Harajuku street fashion taste. Convenient and easy to wear one piece a wide-T, often choose the most suitable clothing of the sisters on their brains, but gently with simple accessories, you can change the tide of a different style, showing the most eye-catching fashion charm!

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