Leave the workplace early spring really elegant two Dachu

Fake two-piece lace knitting a single product, elegant and beautiful work can be rolled into one, using his breast women a favorite shirt stiff lace soft feel, the buds on the collar to shirt full of femininity, greatly increase the overall points.

Chest full piece of lotus leaf design combined with sparkling sequins UP degree designed to bring out the best flavor of the woman, the collar of the satin material will enhance the degree of OL are the noble, self-cultivation of a sense of fine rib knit to shape, with straight drum pants you once again raise the degree of attention.

Out of the satin texture of the material, greatly enhance the sense of fashion shirts, sagging chest, falling to the lace design is elegant and full of noble feeling, the waist set off out to create stylish and elegant modern woman.

Plaid shirt with a large knitted jacket intellectual Declaration, Check the size of the rate of cross-shirts showing sexy neckline Wide straps into the front, just right into the shirt was not significant alone, outside the ride soft and comfortable knit shirt outside, intellectual elegant atmosphere will again upgrade.

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