Skeleton mix build sexy belongs only to type female skeleton TEE with beauty

Rules of the skeleton head printing color are very interesting, bright play socialist candy colors symbolize death also can let the skeleton head become nifty has the vigor, brief paragraph version to even down collocation exaggerated version to ahmad harun pants also felt the high.

Hole modelling can make you more punk feel, with skeleton head render, on adornment also used a lot of paper clip adornment, tie-in shallow cream-colored haroun pants and canvas shoes is a punk snowboarding progresses.

A gorgeous skeleton of a printing TEE dew shoulder modelling in two and a half sleeve in the very exaggerated horizontal hole processing, shoulder have wide condole carries fixed, tie-in hot pants and straight tube socks is a small girl’s nifty feeling.

Their irregular clipping TEE, the predecessor of printing design also has a skeleton design feeling, down the pure black collocation contracted render pants is give prize, shoes design very individual character, with tassel paragraph and render the black pants match very perfect, gift boxes overall modelling window very outstanding, scrutinize also worthy of taste, very suitable for light ripe female leisure collocation.

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