Sense of light and water out of small shirt off boring add vitality

Point of the wave pattern of light blue chiffon shirt, hollow texture of lotus leaf collar, creating a hint of hazy fashion experience, with a pumping at the waist with a design, even the relaxed version of type can also create a delicate waist line , wide sleeves, showing a casual color, lace edge of the Philippines, with a fantastic feeling.

Pure white chiffon shirt, fine and delicate patterns, revealing a small woman’s elegant, large sleeves, so that the arm of the lines are more slender type, with elegant color floral skirt, straight lines, thin a type.

Simple and elegant floral pattern chiffon dress, shoulder until the waist of the fungus Philippine edge design, so that the shoulder line is more a type of tough, simple elastic waist to create a slim waist level, flowing skirt, straight version of type, according to elegant and romantic lady with the wind.

Pale pink half-sleeved shirt, engineered wood flooring comfortable feel of cotton fabrics, is very comfortable to wear, touch of color, distributed romantic lady style, with elegant floral overalls, delicate cone version of the line, so there is more slender body type, revealing fashion able atmosphere.

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