Cultivate one’s morality cardigan + elegant chiffon do a graceful and restrained lady

Stripe T-shirt + dark blue knitting cardigan + organ plait skirt

Stripe T-shirt and blue knitting cardigan, it is easy to think of naval style, the most impressive is the organ plait skirt infinite, lace, pure, elegant, nosing with otherworldly angel absolutely beautiful collocation.

The butterfly adornment small cardigan + broken beautiful snow spins dress

At the first glance will love it too busy to butterfly adornment small cardigan, inside take broken beautiful snow spins skirt, will the beauty of so’s eye, and put it on like wandering in the dream.

White lapel snow spins unlined upper garment + green knitting cardigan

The most indispensable spring green, white collar with it spins unlined upper garment of hang down suitable slippery silk fabrics feel, graceful and restrained princess temperament stand out.

Black and white snow spins + black cardigan

Collarband have waist, beads and reasonable design, snow spins the yarn of light and sleeve, feminine flavour is dye-in-the-wood more elegant create graceful and restrained OL temperament.

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