Romantic bud silk chiffon lead chun xia fashionable unlined upper garment

Greatly lapel

Big turndown like not as young melting princess installed? A week of collar was white bud silk, surrounded by the reappearance of the classic around over the collar is easy to recall of wonderful memories. Wave pattern of point’s dark brown chiffon dress, the collocation of lapel and charming lady snowboarding progresses.

A word brought

Big a word, the design of the dew shoulder brought very sexy, fluffy quality of a material, have a dreamy feeling. This type of dress can show you the perfect collarbone, also can cover your lower abdomen fleshy meat.

Small round brought

Is nifty and lovely small round collar, color design, make public individual character, the fashion show the level of simple, reveal the lovely nifty feeling.

Fleeciness lantern sleeve

Weak pink chiffon shower mixer unlined upper garment, bud silk embroider brought side, there was a sense of fluffy lantern sleeve, full of charming romantic feeling, appearing a thick different region amorous feelings.

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