Watch the production and production are based on a simple and witty inventions, it is a “spring”, it tightens and store energy, and energy is released slowly, in order to promote the operation of the device and watch in a pointer to show time function, the spring mechanism in the watch known as spring (Mainspring).
For most people, the watch is only for the time it, and quartz watch not only extremely accurate, and stable quality, reasonable price, no wonder quartz watch its widely acclaimed, become most people watch the choose and buy when the only choice. Many people don’t even know that watch also points quartz watch and mechanical watch! And mechanical watch need regular maintenance, maintenance also need to rigorous skill requirements, unlike quartz watch is almost a standard replacement parts just. However, why is still so DuoRen indulge in mechanical watch world? Not only spend a motorcycle or the money to buy a car, be DuoRen’t appreciate watch, even taken apart, studied the knowledge, watch, watch them day and night? In fact, really a lot of reasons, for everyone is endless also and same. We might as well from several different Angle discusses. Mechanical watch need maintenance is too much trouble, in the 21 st century also need maintenance watch? The world and gain and loss, just things change just doesn’t matter!!!!! This is the life reason. If we don’t take care of yourself, don’t eat not to drink, of course, and will die because of the starting point is to maintain life. Watch is a man-made, of course, also can’t from the earth’s survival rule. Man-made objects if can from such laws, really difficult to imagine, also is crazy. Watch natural follows the natural law ˉ including maintenance inside. And also because of mechanical watch have such and life and living similarity, many people to mechanical watch to produce a similar mutually cherish to feelings, or even treat their children or sweetheart’s feelings, natural and treat mass production quartz watch, damaged the feeling of abandonning differ greatly. Quartz watch does not need to rely on human, can on the dial, it turns the regular and human and no important interactive relationship. In this speaking, mechanical watch like inheritance human tabulation technology, tradition and culture, and the progeny of seed every Ping quartz watch just under a lot of industrial process product of icy cold of the objects just. Mechanical watch and wearer fuel transfer pump close relationship between rely on, it is very subtle. From a technical perspective, both have completely dependent on relationship, because no man wearing, mechanical watch couldn’t function turn. No matter whether or not, on the chain, the automatic wrist watch chain, from wearing the table in daily life every move gained momentum. Mechanical watch operation completely trust in humans. Such as time consuming to maintain your mechanical watch, you can take to see into the true feelings, love life is a kind of way, many mechanical watch fans are keen on this feeling, keen on maintenance. Of course, the wearer mechanical watch and there are other relationship between you and the relationship between the wrist watch, as you and your love car to the same!!!!! Hand than to be automatic gear transmission yet? Although automatic gear may be more practical, but I like hand because it will bring gear, I direct mechanical touch, the produce of the heart touched. Contact For example, one of the characteristics of mechanical watch is voice, a voice on chain card, each table core card by voice each have different interest. Delicate watch core, multi-function complex table, and the sound of the core and a sound card, more quiet than cheap table, more laws. Especially when you use hand chain, you will feel BiaoGuan and thumb and index fingers close contact between allows you to generate an unpredictable heart throb.

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