Elegant business attire makes OL spell able good temperament

The shirt is absolutely common modelling in which season OL can not lack joker concise sheet tastes
Different from the palace of taste, simple style of luxuriant shirt shirt is easy to close
And the design of short sleeve cuff place more cool, the small design and make simple in showing little fine feeling
Fasten a silk scarf can make systemic taste send out, don’t match what he really temperament

Cultivate one’s morality of tall waist shorts, the fashion world is a magic weapon of cultivate one’s morality magic
With a medium-sized hippie flavor make you more have charm
Soft KuXian plus associations with the joker match colors, all is the most important design element
Plus a fine leather belt is to let whole more have modelling feeling
Don’t have too much to deserve to act the role of and heavy and complicated design coat, let OL wear a simple handsome and spell able tie-in. Workplace

In the summer, many professional women like choose cream-colored sheet is tasted
Cream-colored is today season’s popular color, also can bring an ideal holiday leisure rural wind
But this one is more outstanding ripe female career with elegant temperament
Super have version to drape extreme natural being waist, the modelling of show a curve is necessary to design
Very Korean OL collocation is able to make more DuoRen on your hand
Want to cool and refreshing and straightforward, sometimes more leisure sheet is tasted so very suitable for go to work in that dress collocation
Leisure 5 minutes of pants is many OL trailer generator favour sheet is tasted, add a vest can let it show the most attractive collocation
Satin material vest let you still don’t retreat high sense, natural apeak effect very can polish a good body model
Relaxed and handsome dress up as you win more appreciated

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