Pure and fresh and broken flower. Take out pure dress up

Is a lovely little skirt with shoulder-straps, as if in kindergarten crayons the same pattern added concise tong qu, stripes stripes increases the skirt of expand feeling, and white bud silk collocation to one of the colour joined the change, appear more delicate, yellow skin of mouth fish more ascending sweet degree shoes.

Sweet broken flower small condole, lovely clever in showing little sex appeal, tighten chest design the perfect show proud of the bust, loose with the tail of the form bright contrast, at the same time, the collocation of random nature simple white T-shirt and jeans sweet but person in lively and lovely.

The red and yellow flowers large star in the impression of blackish green on deck, hit the collocation of color with the design of Iraq, card wow is very gorgeous and dazzing, flower stereo feeling strong, as if BianShen drew a flower, deserve to go up bull-puncher short skirt of gray peace sandals send out pure and fresh and moving temperament.

With the breath of restoring ancient ways, the design of broken flower small shirt weakening the shirt formality and court move the grand, of bud silk chest decoration and the woman’s gentle show top-line enchanting, red small flower into lovely and moving, simple is tie-in a shorts is give prize.


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