Oxygen MM summer bag and pure and fresh beauty who can take resist the temptation

In may, the temperature rise, immediately after have truly into the summer season on deep color, the bag bag has not suitable for beautiful sunshine, choose light show the bag of summer dress collocation is preferred, modest, restore ancient ways type double strap portable inclined ku amphibious bag, neat and the metal buttons clad cover, atmospheric restore ancient ways, double strap design, the joker and relaxed.

This year chun xia’s fashion colour is candy colors have is without a doubt the truth, whether of dress or shoes, you can find the bag with a bright color of the fruit color and full of vitality of the color red, contracted and easy money, elegant, looking for a laptop, the summer with bright cargo tricycle color light mood, is also the good collocation method.

A see it in a bag, it’s love, send out the fair maiden temperament lovely pink, classical square model package money, golden chain ornament with small flower, all elements fusion, undoubtedly, sweet, lady, pure and fresh, expensive gas are gathered in the bag. Model hubble-bubble sleeve blouse, restore ancient ways to bud silk princess temperament, again tie-in brunet wave point short skirt, elegant, pure and fresh and take off to take off charming.

The envelope shape for inspiration, restore ancient ways and an ponder, delicate and concise along with the gender. Metal chain shoulder strap and equipped with lock pocket adornment highlight

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