A type small dress luxuriant change

Has the temperament of primitive simplicity of the camel gray sense of maturity and fair maiden elegant temperament is the most appropriate nevertheless, burnish feels good filar satin build a luxuriant feeling, restore ancient ways to high quality jade foil a little water woman fashion and grade, cross brought in the vision most can realize perfect chest the desire, a classic collocation of pearl necklace, believe that the goddess of perfect high temperament is born out.

Gray department also compared with money, the pleasant feeling not appear drab and boring, but use delicate and exquisite graceful cream-colored, camel gray with restoring molecular sieve ancient ways powder blue collocation, appear elegant and the high quality feels dye-in-the-wood. Low-key colour is more suitable for white-collar MM people wearing, tie-in a cut good profile obvious small suit coat can roam the workplace ~

Pure white although simple, but it is in the summer, the most cannot little a match colors, whether the monochrome or as a match colors brings the pure and fresh sense. This type of small foreign outfit also is the unique shawl type on the body and skirt is used with the plait thousand knit design, let the skirt of qing li is like the body skin, bring a across different skin tactility and dress enjoy warm, using bold red sparkle edge as belt, on the vision can rise the shrinkage effect, better show slender waist.

Bring pure and fresh sea breeze breath of the delicate pinstripe let a person look very spirit and qing li, tall waist place has the design feeling of wide belt modified perfect figure out side, let the wind can also with the enchanting charm, moderate skirt with practical and sweet degree body, the skirt place the stripe of the navy wind made the very good ending. Broad square brought in many possibilities to single out, shoulder, shoulders, all by your follow one’s inclinations.

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