Fashion small vest deduce summer different style

Long money small vest collocation plain coloured skirts
Lovely not charming is made, suitable for skin white girl
Instantly bring pure and fresh the rural breath, the summer that invites you sweet sweet

Long summer, of course, don’t miss the good chance. Figure show
The small vest of tight can better figure highlights, deserve to go up bull-puncher hot pants
Build relaxed and healthy sexy image
Cowboy baseball caps and leisure shirt deserve trailer generator to act the role of can reflect the slightly more cool feeling female glamour

Different from the general vest collocation
Grey vest matchs A word on black T-shirt successful show the ripe female temperament
Match on silk or metallic necklace can reflect OL feeling more
Black bag bag and Roman sandal of black for this modelling make the finishing point

With black wiping a bosom render, wear a deep v of thin vest
Tight short skirt can highlight hip line, have to make his legs look slim
Match on dark glasses and long necklace, you can also do a Korean dramas actress

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