The most handsome street style

To the vest letters in T, recreational style of cultivate one’s morality, and the necessary summer jeans high high-heeled sandals
A match is of the highest rates of handsome street girl dressed up to the luo, concise line to create beautiful curve

Bright color of hair aureate collocation brown coat color. Especially vest
Gorgeous color quite high feeling
The lower half on collocation is mini truck very popular this year the rich foot trousers and litter nail follow sandal high
With a cowboy handsome model case beautiful tie-in, let you also become fashionable girl in the crowd

Hot hot sexy vest dress bring you different visual experience
Hang the neck style turquoise color piece-25, unique, is of big this year heat color oh
Inside take a lightweight black wrapped the collocation of chest, simple has been able to show the charm of attractive

Long vest skirt can also design as a top to wear
In recent years the modelling is very hit grows most with your heart’s desire, collocation of cultivate one’s morality jeans props up the erosion of fashion
White is the joker of glamour continue among them, a top handsome thief son cap let your glamour to upgrade

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