The vogue of the United States eyebrow sweet candy colors date is tie-in

And the sweet bowknot, must be put in the skirt skirt at three sizes bowknot, rich move feeling and individual character is dye-in-the-wood. Coat lapel dust coat, choose fine grid cuffs took the design of elegant little woman fully masterpiece.

Elastic broken flower skirt skirt, sexy grace low bosom of the image, great figure to make people excited. Soon the neckline asymmetric front, very individual character, the design of the sense of fair maiden style but not make public feeling, buckle belt is designed to pretty bows. Generous sweet pectoral flower also to the whole add cent many.

Bud silk edge of short paragraph small cardigan, salsa shoes simple sweet and inside take bowknot skirt skirt is more and more suitable really sweet oh. At first glance you attract the must be chest personality however not make public, appearing pleasant feeling of big bow. In fact the dress skirt the detail design of the pretty is much, delicate hubble-bubble sleeve covers beauty who was a little of the arm.

Bud silk sleeves are in fashion this year oh, skirt body double design, outside is transparent, snow spins the light color printing is like concealed inside. Very little smell, and dream feels dye-in-the-wood.

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