2011 years long render unlined upper garment is women’s collocation

In recent years, more and more damp wind restoring ancient ways of people love, a T-shirt type restoring ancient ways to show is mainly design, big player portrait, was for you to win many eyes focused, different from the general black and white to restore ancient ways design, the T-shirt is the place to do a lot more delicate design, such as light blue eye shadow and red lips are more likely to focus on pearl ornament, eyes of fittings is to let T-shirt increases stereo feeling, tie-in skirt outfit or simple jeans, can will restore ancient ways stylish rider perfect show.

Want to show the spell able temperament of business, simple style of T-shirt is absolutely necessary money. The drape of shoulder design, let you off his coat, coat after immediately become the focus, colleagues talk about the match colors brunet department is to show low-key luxuriant feeling, the high-necked gate valve clipping let in winter climate, warmth retention property is very, collocation straight bottom business suit pants in the office absolutely become fashion model.

Letters T-shirt is both men and women wear is as handsome, comfortable and zhang show individual character, leisure holiday indispensable sheet is tasted. Big letters show the United States feels dye-in-the-wood street wind, jeans and snow boots on collocation, easily show a kind of handsome street, put on this T-shirt will go out to a more YingQi.

Stripe T-shirt have been very popular, whether the young lady or a mature the ripe female. Stripe T-shirt in the modified outside the body type, can show the recreational feeling, as long as the jeans with a simple, can let you look more young energetic, simple and agile feeling stripe mixes recreational feels dye-in-the-wood sheet is tasted, absolutely be shopping when the perfect collocation.

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