Colorful elegant stud pure and fresh and chun xia beauty take necessary

The color of the pure bai shuijing, simple but elegant beauty, like an angel, and pure bright clothing color is tie-in, highlight the MM Ming yan, the temperament of the pure beauty!

Legend in peridot can give a person to bring peace and lucky, olivine green light bring peace mood, green also is most vibrant colors, and with series tonal clothing collocation, show vitality of the world!

Red is the most enthusiastic colour, solar lighting bold and unrestrained and enthusiasm, chasing the good life, from the start, and put on a mentality of clothing, bold and unrestrained color to a good future needs to realize!

Bright and clear blue, quiet to so inspiring general cool and refreshing, like the sea, like open mind, especially can show turns the temperament of the generous MM!

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