High heels + miniskirt build style h.preparation color

With black and white dot handle dress full of kawaii feeling, make the female love at first sight dress but very rare oh ~ a pair of pink high-heeled shoes full of romantic atmosphere, let whole modelling was bright eye up!

Very elegant skirt collocation is very charming, layer of dad with a group of young black cake with lovely breath, a pair of black coat of paint high-heeled shoes match up very have administrative levels feeling, shades of black collocation can show you it is the charm, make you light cooked immersed in projection screen the romantic atmosphere!

The Bohemian look flow element short boots continue to prevail in the’s autumn winter season, full of lovely breath boots is warm and have individual character, the most suitable with sweet girl, let you kind all day keep good mood!

Full of gentle and lovely temperament chiffon dress women with a deep autumn day sweet intention, a pair of black silk socks match points have feminine taste, black short boots, and turn up the design special shoes blow of individual character canister sweet, elegant style of charming wind is very attractive.

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