Oxygen beauty fashion clothing with a note of the United States

Office of the MM only want to wear a serious company want to wear fashion strict confidence. Floral prints and rich combination of good right waist skirt
Slim and slender waist. Fleshy thighs of the pallet truck MM can be confident outgoing own taste. A pearl necklace with a dress just

Good beautiful fresh blue, like color of the sky without a trace of pollution
Chiffon sleeveless style is also cool and comfortable. Fold the collar to the chest, fullness in the chest on the visual effects
Take the lower body half-white skirt, a trace of cool natural temperament called out

Do not think it will be very dull black color, made ​​of special materials is also clear coat
Take the black tape inside the jacket, the slightest temptation, the slightest cool
Bat sleeve style, but more temptation to body modification, fleshy arms are no longer troubled MM

Patterns with ethnic customs to bring a different style, elegant and well deep well
Tube to ankle length dress, green forest green pattern brings pure atmosphere, creating a natural atmosphere of pure
White dress shirt a good match overall, air-conditioned room, you can withstand the cold temperature


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