Necessary for the workplace of people in early spring classic single product simplicity

Super temperament loose dress in the winter won great attention, especially for tall tender and Mature are. High waist design allows the front of the curve is more beautiful, flawless sense of light lines make you even more ladies temperament, elegant cape outside to catch the coat, shades of color mix up more flavor, giving a very spiritual feeling.

Formal occasions or casual wear, are able to suit with fur collar on the jacket, the luxury image of the design, minimalist low-key fashion but not to the taste.

Simple version of the classic type design, activated carbon filter allows you to never fall behind. Small bow collar design allows you to upgrade the temperament, a sense of the weight of heavy winter wind resistance, and highlight the lines of the design, and the small magnitude of the hem has a significant effect of self-cultivation, with the daily dress is very stylish.

The most classic style of light-colored suit, dignified and elegant and easy to wear. In this section the classic version of the waist and collar made ​​a subtle change, it seems more casual and charming.

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