Dress how to wear

Elegant satin bow dress sleeveless vest, very comfortable to wear for 80 and 90 after the U.S. girl who. Chic and elegant style, you can wear on formal occasions. Upper part of it is suede fabric, permeability is very good, hair loss is not easy Oh. Hem is a hip pack lantern models, the color pink and purple and black with the beautiful. As long as with high-heeled shoes, can become more slender legs.

Floral garden style lace dress, it is suitable for the girl next door style. Speaker with lace sleeves, cuffs of lace is transparent, giving a very dreamy feeling. Upper body is decorated with a lace, with a small bow embellishment, it is Lolita. Soft drape texture, good flexibility. Off in the cold winter coat is still the most eye-catching dress Oh.

Floral knit V-neck three-piece skirt, lace collar over rendering vest jacket + V, taste great mix. Rendering vest harness is lace stitching, very cute and sweet. Lace skirt plate great small, more personal, you can show the perfect curve of a woman Oh. Bow with a lace scarf, but also very warm and wild.

The most popular style embroidery navy striped USB flash drive long sleeved puppy tee, slightly flexible, very comfortable to wear. More classic navy style, with cute cartoon dog design, yy is no longer monotonous. Worn alone or with a primer coat dress is very nice, thin style, with drape. Beauty girl can wear tall boots, thigh exposed skin, with a little sexy oh.

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