IN tide burst fire a single product models has been worn to autumn

European Street Fan of the long T-shirt, round neck mouth style shoulder pads, front with leopard pattern stitching classic retro letters, no lock side of the collar and shoulder pads yuppie-style design highlights the exciting style, the old old washed fabrics washed cotton technology is very sophisticated.
Is a partial temperament of a nation’s long-board style T-shirt, round neck with lace at the front skirt woven patchwork decor, subtle pinch off the whole T-shirt designs are quite dynamic beauty, in the long section of the small A plate there Tripe capsule or fleshy beauty girl is also suitable for wearing.

Evergreen section of the clothing and body design with irregular LED bulb hole in increased sense of perspective, but also a lot of avant-garde Oh! Solid stretch knit fabric design, light and comfortable fabrics and elegant color, the light without wrapping style.

Ingenious knitting technique hollow loaded, two-color knitting to form the absolute width of stripes on the left chest in the small pocket, clever, back stitching lace knitting pattern, rounded deep V-neckline, or the color selected for the ride Waichuan recommended.

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