Transition play mix and match the weather turned sweet daughter

This pandemic of wrinkle sleeve is wardrobe must have a single product! Little imitation jacket cut, flat shoulder design allows more pronounced shoulder line, neat piercing beauty. Fasten buttons slightly fitted design, showing a girl stature curve, even if only as a ride outside the blouse, short swing hem design, sanitary napkin but also highlight the waist!

Mixed in with the thick wool knitted, whole is to mix color also make sense to a level ascension!The hem of the cloak is case shape textured, with elegant decoration, the size of the palm moderate wear up do not show fat and good build, absolutely make you fondle admiringly of the classical style!

The two groups more yards T-shirt, light of stars design, tie-in dot gauze skirt moderate sweet the most lovely

Ten thousand years unbeaten popularity sheet is tasted, wardrobe absolutely cannot little thing! V of the color of the wind is a classic and representative, match on the palm of the youthful weave, is wear take a let a person be at ease when the leading role! Big V is gotten more spin neck line visual effect, even if inside take also is not afraid of a show overstaffed.

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