OL thin summer pants with a casual

White Slim pencil pants, fancy make perfect leg line
Leisure length version of the stripe pattern on the T-shirt, waist and hips can be modified lines
In sleeve T-shirt can also make you more slender lines of hand!

Nine points jeans, exposing your bare little feet
Allows you to raise the overall height to be
Upper body simply with a white T-shirt, the color has been very
Do not forget accompanied by thick belt, waist modification
And wear one pair of high heels, make you look better pick!

One-piece shorts, pants are a good choice for summer
Pants must be above the knee length
This would play a visual effect of elongated legs
With a tight black T-shirt, stylish and thin!

Nine-dark brown slacks, the lines can soldering iron be modified thigh
With a simple white T-shirt, casual reveal your fashion sense
Of course, do not forget to mix light-colored high-heeled sandals, can further enhance the contours

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