Universal kind of money to steal the spotlight white shirt worn autumn N

Simple and comfortable is the benevolent, simple design fresh and generous. Pumping with the design of ultra-back temperament with personality, the version loose and comfortable, casual comfortable fashion sense enchanting. Super-soft cotton fabric upper body discomfort, hem arc-shaped handle, to show a little gentle atmosphere. White micro-through, more sexy.

Compact design, full of big sense! Long design, gasoline engine with shorts, short skirts are nice! Long-sleeved design, suitable for spring weather. With the jacket is also very good. Curved hem design, very nice! Edition type loose and comfortable to wear comfortable Dachu fashion sense.

Ultra-loose shirt, pants with a skirt is very suitable. Sleeves can be adjusted, the length of random outfit. Summer and autumn wild practical single product. Relaxed casual version of the model, not at all obvious fat, but it will also do have a charm oh.

Simple loose shirt collar, fashionable degrees out of wave of flavor a single product. Relaxed casual version of the model, relaxing sense of taste to wear Dachu fashionable tide. A white shirt when practical will not be out of date. As a fashion trend of how you can not do.

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