Building materials market prospects?

In 2009, the national implementation of “maintain growth, expand domestic demand, adjust structure, and benefit people’s livelihood” package of measures under the impetus of China’s building materials industry to overcome the adverse effects of the international financial crisis, the overall maintained a rapid growth, the main building materials production and sales growth picked up the price level bottomed, stable economic growth, investment enthusiasm building materials, structural adjustment to achieve new results. Building materials industry in 2009 manufacturing growth accelerated. Large-scale industrial added value in building materials industry increased by 15.1%, although an increase of 2.5 percentage points lower than the prior year, but last year’s fourth quarter and the first half, and compared the growth rate was smoke house accelerated. Output growth from the main building materials situation, the national output of 1.63 billion tons of cement, up 17.9% over the previous year to accelerate the growth rate 12.4 percentage points. Concrete, cement concrete pipes, poles, building and sanitary ceramics, plaster board, brick, waterproofing materials, refractories, cement, special equipment and other products are in more than 15% growth rate. Flat glass production starting from August, a substantial decline from the beginning to positive growth, the annual output of flat glass 560 million weight cases, an increase of 1.7%, an increase of 4.8 percentage points lower than the previous year. Strong sales of building materials market in 2009. Statistics scale building materials business sales output value increased by 21.5, lower than the 9.2 percent last year, but still high growth. The average sales rate of 97.35%, close to the prior year annual average. Building materials prices reversed the prior year decline since January l0 situation, the general level of prices of building materials throughout the year increased 0.6% year on year. The year the building materials industry 534.7 billion yuan in fixed assets investment, up 48.4%, an increase over the same period last year was essentially flat. Among them, the cement manufacturing investment amounted to 152.1 billion yuan to complete, an increase of 57.7%; glass 15.5 billion, an increase of 38.1%.
In this study, a large number of advisory report based on careful market research, mainly based on the National Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Commerce, the State General Administration of Customs, the State Council Development Research Center of China Building Materials Industry Association, the National Commercial Information Center, China travel steam iron Economic Monitoring Center, domestic and foreign journals and magazines basic information such as published materials and research units provide a lot of information, combined with our business of building-related field investigations, development status of China’s building materials industry and prospects, competitive landscape and market situation, profitability and corporate development, investment strategies and risk early warning, development trends and planning recommendations for in-depth study and analysis of the building materials industry focus on the prospects and risks. The report reveals the potential demand for building materials market and potential opportunities for strategic investors to choose the right investment opportunity and the company leadership to do strategic planning to provide accurate market intelligence and scientific basis for decision making, while the bank credit department also has a great reference value.


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