The new warm elegant appearance to seize the package 100% retention rates

This is a big bag full of interesting, simple pressure reducing valve of the package belt buckle decorated with more than, belt buckle, as these bags protagonist, a self-advocate, personality, unique features, unique in Europe and America big style, it is atmosphere, the street will be very focus of attention.

Intellectual elegance of a female hand bag, briefcase highlight temperament! Delicate embossing Baoshen, generous of the package, capable neat, square, angular section of the package, able to enlarge women’s OL perfect atmosphere, including the type the use of bright colors, suitable for autumn and winter atmosphere, camellia perfect little purse accessories to enhance the sweet tenderness of women.

Retro handbag, retro classic, simple bag, super generous, full of air bag body design, exudes a fashionable street in Europe and America, publicity of noble qualities, demonstrate competent style.

Simple dual-use air bag, very full package windscreen wiper blade, into the women’s chic and elegant, the Baoshen temperament are on a level, double zipper design, a greater degree of packet-based capacity, similar to the Boston bag models, simple and elegant package design fashion lady style interpretation of temperament, appearance rate high street shooting, not always popular down bag.


Bright red bag fashion style Dachu OL

A bag full of British style, the classic range of children’s definitely enough. Drawstring design casual sense of the full bag of temperament will be the perfect presentation, texture and fold the two rivets into the fashion element is her color.

Delicate rose embellishment, so that the bag is more elegant and feminine, elegant fringed fashion in a little free and easy. This bag is definitely your first choice for ladies play this spring.

Like roses blooming in the wind. Fashion classic cut, ball valve perfected the design, lines of women’s self-confidence is also able to be reflected. This bag, and you will be able to become one with the beautiful landscape.

Definitely make you love at first sight of a section of the package, another on the plush fabric gives a warm feeling, full of Baoshen car lines to create patterns of hearts, sweet hundred percent.

In the spring of 2011 bags of various intellectual romantic style

Want to make the full event of bag, fashion sense must not less. In the design to outstanding individual character more trendy style, bring all different artistic aesthetic feeling, this paper bag several kinds of design is very different, varied style, or intellectual, or romantic, to pick a, tie-in and YY the street and can have high to lead!