Cute girl hair make you full Meng Jin

The long hair length, hair and fluffy tail within the volume, so small and delicate cheeks, bright eyes oblique fringe highlights, white sewing hats and long hair on white clothing lines are very occasional snowman in winter.

Gentle and well-behaved little lady hair, curly hair hair light arc, very random scattered on his shoulders, with white berets and white sewing shirt, fresh pure, very lady.

Chocolate hair color, mild sweet, wheel digger inward curvature of the hair, shape the delicate little face, with glasses and beige hat, cute little girl, pleasant taste.

Dynamic fashion street girls, the magnitude of a small light hair, the wind curl into the sky, sunglasses + wool cap, stylish and cute curly hair, tidal flavor, girls can enjoy the attempt.


South Korea outfit is tender hair woman have to love

The vitality of the head, du up small mouth) on the lovely invincible, Laurie glass frame collocation grows feels dye-in-the-wood.

Simple horsetail hair style, vigor 4 shoot, with light brown hair color as brim feels dye-in-the-wood.

Neat bang micro curl, natural black, lovely and generous, nifty and reduce age.

The wheat in iron messy fashion shoulders along with the gender and romantic, with hair color of tea with milk, sprouting department girl flavour is dye-in-the-wood, forging parts then cut a cute neat bang is pink is tender and reduce age!

After 80 the hair stylish rider OL

The most suitable age: 22 ~ 27 years old
The most suitable for dress up: may be the joker hairstyle, suitable for all kinds of dress up. Can lady, can be professional.
The natural found, no bang, concise and easy, part hair dish in the brain, is very graceful and restrained!!!!!

The most suitable age: 25 to 30 years
The most suitable for dress up: this hairstyle very grave, the more appropriate for a formal dress, such as small formal attire suits, etc.
Dew is noble dish hair, very have temperament, very suitable for competent level a hairstyle. OL

The most suitable age: 22 ~ 30
The most suitable for dress up: very optional also very simple style, almost suitable for all kinds of dress up.
Dish without bang hairstyle for OL is a right choice, the feeling is very agile and professional.

The most suitable age: 22 ~ 27 years old
The most suitable for dress up: big heat of pear, both sweet also have head straightforward, pictures of the model in the dress up suit very much, but if do dress skirt outfit also have not cannot.
The share of the head, sweet grows pear in do not break neutral beauty!

Six of the best dress collocation sweet style

BOB short hair

BOB short hair handsome and relaxed, collocation small vest, make kind of leisure, white shirt is absolutely necessary with everything.

Wen wan bun

Wen wan elegant bun collocation is installed, shaping a workplace, this dress kind carry the nifty little orthodox, very interesting.

Woman flavour bun

Woman flavour bun collocation cowboy small coat, stunning and does not spell able temperament, look be like casual, actually have careful machine. The bun, curly hair than straight hair come good-looking, more natural.

Bitter fleabane bitter fleabane modelling

Will the most fashionable element collocation are together, this hairstyle can don’t try? And the bitter fleabane bitter fleabane modelling didn’t watch, the effect will be like a village girl!