Dress + Lace jacket summer sweet ride

With such a lace jacket on as if with a soul, but also the color of the whole person, this is not a color make you look tacky, it is temperament elegant, pure and kind of angel wings of lace-like people want to feel close to.

Lace hollow outline of a blossoming flower, spread with a woman gentle tenderness. The V-neck design is the icing on the cake-like vision was thin, the wedding gown sleeve design exudes a gentle, elegant, feminine, elegant and refined.

The jacket design is very simple, but big and very significant, adding lace elements, can be described as a full feminine ah!

Thin section of the denim fabric, retro colors! With a lace collar side of the flower, a bow mounted on a hand-beaded on the dimension, add a Yiyi soft degrees! No button placket design clothing folds, lace and chiffon with lace cuffs, complex process, very delicate! Sleeve denim jacket is a little Slim version of model, length to the waist, with a simple vest or chiffon dress is very nice!


Happiness ferris wheel

Legend, the ferris wheel is to commemorate the big showered. Legend, the invention of the wheel from the Eiffel Tower in Paris there was inspired. Legend, the ferris wheel is to give lovers sit. Legend, the ferris wheel each turned a circle, the earth will have a pair of lovers kissing. Legend, a ferris wheel of each grid are full of happiness. The ferris wheel is to what people together, across the launch and exist. Legend, sit on the ferris wheel is happy, as the ferris wheel, turn gradually rise, people and at your feet, the whole world becomes small as if only I and the people around him, we also is from god. When some more close to the top of the turn, devout make a wish, and well, you will be the desire of god, if the fairy think you hear is a good boy, so your wish will be realized. When it every turn around, there is much a pair of lovers kissing, because the angel went on in the ferris wheel. Like the beautiful beauty the legend of the illusion of fall. Don’t ever know how many times by the ferris wheel, but they don’t know the beautiful legend is true, and once again the ferris wheel, sitting with this beautiful desire, but do not know this man of around whether the legend… The ferris wheel, turn, there is the closest place from the stars, the stars can hear people the wishes, and then help people to achieve. So sitting in the ferris wheel, is to touch the happiness from hope, the recent distance. Legend, watching the ferris wheel, actually are looking in happiness. The ferris wheel “slowly” looking at the world, we chi chi of looking at the wheel. The ferris wheel, have been pure like the three Chinese characters, have a kind to make people happy feeling. Even stand on the LED bulbs, also remains involved in hope in fairy tale world. When it every turn around, there is much a pair of lovers kissing, because the angel in the ferris wheel.

The legend of the Aegean sea

Modern Greek rise in the nineteenth century, when it has experienced the rule of the Ottoman empire in 500. In the eastern Mediterranean Greece Balkan peninsula, near the bottom of the rock the size of the peninsula with island. The Greek language and landscape still preserve traces to the source of the western world civilization. The blue of the Aegean sea has a beautiful legend of the Aegean sea for a long, long time ago, Crete MiNuoSi on one of the king’s sons were killed in Athens, king of rage to Athens, forced to Athens raised sending fighters into king signed a treaty: every seven years to Athens to kid male virgin, which seven to the son of the king MiNuoSi Minoan-the first person of cattle miner cattle enjoy monster. Athens Minoan powerful, fear on time, make its elder tribute indeed. The prince of YouGuoYouMin choice among rowdy, ask for saving his own hughes, people, and offered himself as sacrifice of the sacrifice of the monster. The prince and his father before, such as can kill Aegean agreed monsters, the return of the ship will hang small boats with white sails. In Crete, handsome young prince Athens by the daughter of the king MiNuoSi pour love, she help to bring hughes prince goes out of the labyrinth killed monsters, and rescue as children escape from Crete tribute. On our way back home, oracle instructed the prince must give up his love, or will be god’s punishment. He had to stay in the beautiful princess desolate island, sorrows away. Immersed in the pain of the father prince forget agreed, hanging black sail boats sail back to all the way. When stand the shore dream of Athens king see at a distance of floating near the black sail, can’t accept the reality of the beloved lost leap into the sea. In order to commemorate the AiMinRuZi, son of the king, and people love the sea area called “the Aegean sea”.

The most beautiful day, the most beautiful you–marriage gauze

Fate, some say life had gone, is destined to Cupid of good red rope; early Some say that fate is just-that is, the two men from the acquaintance to dear friend’s process. Boundless, we and countless people know each other, but who know each other, love, until find a confidante mutual support life, it is not an easy thing!!!!! Will ChuGe you, whether is always mood with look forward to this day? Put the marriage gauze of longing for the white on the red carpet, with the beloved person in March to step into the church in slowly that moment? In the woods, people ZhuFuSheng whether more female friends want to hear the sound of the admiration of, see the envy of the very expression? White wedding gown, love the autumn harvest the fruit that is fate, is the seal of the young girl to into life and a new phase, but also the bride forever true love.
Marriage gauze style changes: the first marriage gauze, design is not very complicated. Vertical line of tall waist long skirt, have plait sleeve and a lower collarband, as if popular at that time is the counterpart of the dress design. Silk and satin is the main fabrics wedding dress. Then the marriage gauze of style is long and ankle, former picture in a straight line after clipping, skirt of on compose is another picture of the skirt is placed, when the bride walk in the red carpet, mopping the floor skirt is placed in carpet slowly, make the bride has godlike charm. After the marriage gauze style, to tighten the below wide, low-cut be dignified high neckline, multi-purpose replaced material luxuriant silk brocade, collars, cuff and skirt on compose a lot of ornamental design also. To the 19 th century centaury, the quality of a material soft, gradually wedding dress with the double crepe taffeta by the favour of the bride. Of the 20 th century, marriage gauze began to short, also has the function of dance, can let skirt in the bride’s wedding party unique style. Walk into 30 s, popular trend, make the bride wedding dress tight more show namby-pamby and moving. The 40 s, wedding simple clipping, heart-shaped collarband and long sleeve gloves became a kind of fashion. To 60 s, the length of the marriage gauze short many, some even with “mini” no DuoDa distinction, raw material with linen and cotton cloth is the most heating radiator popular. 70 s wedding gown, and display a thick nostalgic emotional appeal, on design and xing long tail, many plait, lace roll over one another, extremely rich adornment sex, with soft cloth incarnadine give priority to. In the 90 s, marriage gauze design to break the traditional big turn tilting skirt design, and learn from the popular fashion design features. Coat the majority part of the bare; Skirt QiPaoShi, miniskirt of type, still have a kind of practical combined-type marriage gauze, the day the bride to a church or a good friends at night can self combination.