Fashionable sandals most days take street heat range

Honey bees love the flowers love the sun pinch drag, the young designer with a cute little bee happy with lovely embroidery totem way to the shoes on the set, simply return to natural landscape of childhood, have the opportunity to precipitate themselves. Ultra-fine texture perfect, irresistible charm of a single step, even with a simple dress, and very eye-catching!

The creation of fine hand lace flowers decorating the body body of the shoe, sandals resort to accompany the girls put on new clothes! Use Bring Bring ornaments, so that instantly enhance the overall gorgeous texture, light wood wedge with, quietly creating the perfect visual scale, put it as if people immersed in the love of the romantic season of it!

STYLE this year’s feminine dress is a little gate valve bit of spicy, 2.5 cm thick crust + stable plating black high-heeled fashion design is not only easy to show the attractive U.S. leg curve, but also very stable to wear without the burden of three-dimensional black diamond with a pink bow nail polish, adding a small woman temperament! wild fashion design simple and elegant, whether sent or spicy temperament COOL girls camp, free with narrow pants or a fitted dress can easily show a small exclusive personal fashion taste!

Simple and elegant design, easy to use wild rice upper word upper cross, increased thickening of the outer design, put on a good walk, immediately stretch the legs curve, the embodiment of supermodel legs, simple nice classic design, suitable for all kinds of dress, but also super easy to wear off, a brilliant summer beauty must-light shoes.


The magic of high-heeled shoes

A woman of obsession with high heels as her to love the persistent, visible the high-heeled shoes of women 10 million magic has let tracks. Some say: don’t wear the high-heeled shoes with a sexy woman no; Every woman should have a nice pair of shoes, it will take you to any where you want to go. Whether this is a lie or proverbs? In short, female people to believe it. So, how to find a pair of suits own high heels, how to wear high heels to more elegant, becomes the women of the life of subject. This book from the high-heeled shoes selection method, tees, collocation, sitting position, stance, every detail, will the high-heeled shoes secret announced one. Let the woman and high heels plot no longer tango shoes of many of pain and discomfort and entanglements!