No shorts, not summer!

Words shorts this thing’s good, with what all can take basic,
T-shirts or shirt or BeiDaiKu or plug in, out, tied up,
How to match will do.
Simple and relaxed shorts in summer is must taste, short skirt of god I don’t care, horse,
Wear shorts on the vision to the pull litre legs, for short MM is very useful.
For me, no shorts, not summer!

Simple T match bull-puncher knickers, can exercise the wind can also leisure!
Don’t suggest special thick bull-puncher knickers, that would be a leg feels very brawny (thin legs sister don’t have to care

I most rice pants, KuChang conjoined conjoined pants words tall MM wear will have special event,
Our little or shorts comparison relaxed!

And BeiDaiKu is also essential, simple in wear a TEE is very simple and relaxed!