Classification of materials

1, from the physical and chemical properties can be divided into inorganic materials (metal materials, inorganic non-metallic materials), organic materials and different types of materials composed of composite materials.
2, from the use of points, is divided into electronic materials, aerospace materials and nuclear materials, building materials, energy materials, biological materials.
3, the more common of the two classifications is the structural materials and functional materials: traditional materials and new materials.
Mechanical properties of structural materials is based on the force components to manufacture the materials used, of course, structural material for welding fabrication or chemical properties have certain requirements, such as gloss, thermal conductivity, radiation hardness, corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation. Materials are mainly using the material’s unique physical and chemical properties or biological functions such as the formation of a class of materials. A material are often both structural materials and functional materials such as iron, copper, aluminum and so on. Traditional materials are those that have matured and have been in mass production and a large number of industrial applications of materials such as steel, cement, plastics and so on. Such materials because of its large, high value, wide-ranging, but also the basis for many of the pillar industries, it is also known as basic materials. New materials (advanced materials) are those that are being developed, and has excellent performance and prospects of a class of materials. New materials and traditional materials, and no clear boundaries between the traditional material through the use of new technologies to improve the technical content, improve performance, a substantial increase in added value and become a new material; new material in over a long period after the production and application become the traditional materials. Traditional materials is the development of new materials and high-tech base, and new materials are often able to promote the further development of traditional materials.
4, according to site classification: that is to use parts of the material in space to the material classification, such as interior wall materials, wall materials, ceiling materials, floor materials. However, this points system established, we plastic mould a material can be used both indoors, you can also be used outdoors. In the interior, a material can be used both on the ground, walls, ceiling and can be used up, such as stone, paint, etc. If a stone attached to the ceiling, walls, floors, and some people might question the ownership of the material classification. From this, in order to distinguish the material only from the nature of the material and chemical composition up to the sub-points.


Simple collocation wear a gentle temperament

Full of beautiful charming elegant attitude, very delicate chiffon rose ornament among them, want to present a gentle good impression you let the girl he loved you, this coat can reach the happiness for you all the desire of the oh.

Many see other girl naked ladies wear shoulder is very jealous, actually show a shoulder so gentle can wear a quiet temperament, exquisite French bud silk feel admirable character, but also not only present a classic and luxuriant energy with romantic, let you the instantaneous promotion sweet fashionable index.

Meticulous care the silk material texture is admirable, match again even the doll version to sleeve design it is to appear more innocent romance, not only can directly in short, also single collocation can match again belt use relaxed version to can show a slight atmosphere.

Rare characteristics, in addition to the version to make a fair maiden out of worry hit the unlined upper garment the embarrassing, close to five minutes of sleeve of plastic mould long sleeve can also very natural cover don’t want to be someone found the thick arm, V type clipping the hem of the show is not only thin effect, but little stomach girl modified lumbar curve of he will slay the goddess of French very beautiful temperament make you fall in love with it.