Dress + Lace jacket summer sweet ride

With such a lace jacket on as if with a soul, but also the color of the whole person, this is not a color make you look tacky, it is temperament elegant, pure and kind of angel wings of lace-like people want to feel close to.

Lace hollow outline of a blossoming flower, spread with a woman gentle tenderness. The V-neck design is the icing on the cake-like vision was thin, the wedding gown sleeve design exudes a gentle, elegant, feminine, elegant and refined.

The jacket design is very simple, but big and very significant, adding lace elements, can be described as a full feminine ah!

Thin section of the denim fabric, retro colors! With a lace collar side of the flower, a bow mounted on a hand-beaded on the dimension, add a Yiyi soft degrees! No button placket design clothing folds, lace and chiffon with lace cuffs, complex process, very delicate! Sleeve denim jacket is a little Slim version of model, length to the waist, with a simple vest or chiffon dress is very nice!